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The team at Secrets of the Himalaya (SOH) is both excited and honored that you are considering joining SOH for travel and adventure in Nepal's paradise. Our team is devoted to organizing and providing the best experiences available in Nepal from cultural treasures to natural attractions and all-out Himalayan adventure and most everything worth doing in between. Sharing our love of Nepal and insights with you is the ultimate aim of all we do in a safe and responsible manner. Treks, tours and events are led by skilled and seasoned guides with a passion for traveling in Nepal built upon years of field experience. know-how and a love for all things Nepal. We look forward to the chance of sharing insider information and insights that we have learned over the years including insights into the many secrets and treasures of Nepal -- from lush jungle plains to the highest mountain range on the planet. Adventure is calling in Nepal, please join us for the travel experience of a lifetime in Himalayan paradise.

The guides and crew of Secrets of the Himalaya offer an insider’s perspective based on seasoned skills and passion for what we do. We have experienced the highlights and attractions of each area we visit along with traditional customs and natural flavors and much more. Along with a fascinating travel experience, we consider it our responsibility to share our business with the communities we travel through along the way so that all that we touch and all involved may benefit from these tours and travels in magnificent Nepal. The Secrets of the Himalaya team of specialists maintains the highest safety standards and we regularly make sure that our crew has quality training and preparedness. All of our staff is selected for strong abilities in all phases of the outdoor life, guiding and tourism. We are prepared for the challenges of the environment and beyond to logistics and enjoyment of the world of Nepal. Secrets of the Himalaya specialists will ensure that your travels are safe, responsible and smooth as well as very satisfying, enjoyable and very memorable.

Staff receive training, insurance, and all necessary gear as well as a pay rate above the industry standard amount.

Adventure in Nepal and the Himalaya is calling and Secrets of the Himalaya is here, ready to answer that call with you. Your adventure awaits...Nepal's Best Treks 

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