Leisure Tour of Ancient Nepal

Take the chance for leisurely rejuvenation while on a sightseeing tour of Nepal's greatest attractions and treasures. Secrets of the Himalaya offers everything from city tours including World Heritage Sites of ancient, legendary Kathmandu Valley on up to full service treks and adventures in the jungles, Himalayan foothills and highlands of Nepal. Our Himalayan specialists can customize a tour that suits your particular style and leisure interests in Nepal. 

Give us a chance to guide you for a leisurely tour of the Nirvana of Nepal. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the experience and Secrets of the Himalaya's services.

Please enjoy the following article about Nepal's offerings from leisure to adventure and everything in between written by SOH founder Alonzo Lyons for ECS Nepal, Nepal's leading culture magazine--Nepal's All Season Bounty

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