Climbing Nepal

Calling all adventurers! Nepal has 33 Non-Expedition Peaks open and available for climbing. Previous mountaineering experience is not required for these peaks. If you are feeling fit and fine for a climbing adventure in Nepal's Himlaya, then Secrets of the Himalaya will take care of the details, and you will have a chance at the experience of a lifetime, summiting a Himalayan peak in the Nirvana of Nepal.

All 33 climbing peaks are less than 21,325 ft / 6,500 m elevation. If you are ready for a peak-climbing adventure in Nepal, then Secrets of the Himalaya is ready to guide you to the top of a Himalayan summit. SOH provides all necessary logistics, equipment and support, including a brief, basic training and review of climbing fundamentals as needed. 

We especially recommend Island Peak (locally known as Imja Tse) located in the Everest Region. It will put you over the benchmark height of 20,000 ft / 6,000 m height with a summit panorama offering a banquet of peaks to feast upon. Here are two climbing stories penned by Secrets of the Himalaya founder Alonzo Lyons--
Into the Wild, Wild West of Nepal--Himalayan Odyssey
Climbing Island Peak and the Top Five Peaks of Nepal

Adventure is calling from the Himalaya, and Secrets of the Himalyaa is ready to climb with you to the top of the world or nearly so.

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