When to Visit Nepal -- Seasons of Nepal

Most people prefer the autumn season from mid-September through October and November for visiting Nepal. The climate is milder then and the weather is typically more reliable with better mountain views when compared to other seasons. Additionally, this period is just after the monsoon and the natural scenery is at its fullest in Nepal.

Springtime, generally from late March through May is the second most popular season for visitors to Nepal when the weather is relatively more pleasant then. This is also the time of year for viewing rhododendron blossoms – the rhododendron (Ericaceae) is Nepal’s national flower.

The monsoon period of Nepal typically begins in June and finishes in mid-September. Several off-season activities are appropriate at this time including rafting when rivers are full and a thrill to ride upon. This is also a good time to trek in areas north of the Himalayan Range in an area referred to as the ‘rain shadow’.

Winter months (generally December, January and February) can be downright chilly in Nepal, especially in the highlands when there will be fewer tourists and mountain views are excellent. Winter is also a chance to visit the lowland plains for a jungle safari when it is not too hot for visitors.

Because of Nepal’s extreme variation from sub-tropical jungles to snowy peaks, exciting activities can be found any time of year. Nepal's All-Season Paradise was written by Secrets of the Himalaya founder A.L. Lyons for ECS Magazine, Nepal's leading culture magazine.

Summary of Trekking Seasons in Nepal:

  • Clearest Views: October to November
  • Next Best Views: March to May
  • Cool Winter: December to February
  • Wet Monsoon:  June to September

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