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The team at Secrets of the Himalaya is honored that you are considering us for an adventure in Nepal. Our team of specialists is devoted to organizing and providing the best and most enjoyable experiences available while being safe and responsible, too. Our team leads vistors to the secrets of Nepal and fascinating experiences of culture and nature on up to all-out Himalayan adventure and everything worth doing in between. Sharing our love of Nepal and details and insights with you is the ultimate aim of what the team at Secrets of the Himalya does. Treks, tours and events are led by skilled, seasoned guides with a love of traveling Nepal built upon years of field experience, knowledge and guiding. The team looks forward to the chance of sharing our insider information--details and insights that we have learned and experienced over the years including many secrets and treasures of Nepal from lush jungle plains to the bountiful mid-hills on up to the highest mountain range on the planet. Adventure is calling in Nepal, please join us for the travel experience of a lifetime in Nepal's Himalayan paradise.

Alonzo Lyons – Alonzo developed a love for Nepal and the Himalaya on his first visit in September, 1993. He is originally from Idaho in the northwest of the USA where he was born and raised with an admiration for outdoor activities and a desire to know more of the greater world. Alonzo enjoys nothing better than sharing what he has learned of the culture, traditions and customs of Nepal and its astonishing landscape and lifestyle of the welcoming people with all-comers to Nepal's Himalayan paradise.

Dr. Aman Nakarmi -- Aman was born and raised in the bustling city of Birgunj of Nepal’s southern plains bordering India. He worked extremely hard to realize a dream of becoming a medical doctor (studying in Russia in Russian language no less) before returning to his Himalayan homeland and guiding visitors to all the wonders of Nepal. Aman speaks fluent Nepali, Newari, English, Russian and Hindi and truly enjoys connecting with people from all over the globe in the Himalayan paradise of Nepal.

Dal Bahadur -- is an original member of the Secrets of the Himalaya team from the heartland of Nepal, the district of Dhading. Dal began his career as a porter and since then, he quickly gained skills in all phases of tourism while leading groups from around the world. He has a wide range of knowledge and details about Nepal, seasoned skills and strong capability in the outdoors of Nepal. Dal relishes sharing Nepal with all visitors while developing friendships along the way.

Jag – Jag has had a richly-varied career in the tourism industry of Nepal. He is originally from Nepal’s Chitwan area (famed for its national park--a World Heritage Site (Natual) with exotic flora and fauna and thrilling jungle safaris). He is a naturalist and guide in his homeland of Chitwan and has encountered more wild tigers than just about anyone on the planet. His interest in exploring more of his own country eventually grew. Now, he has seen it all several times over and enjoys nothing more than traveling and sharing his knowledge and insights about Nepal with all visitors.

Dhurba – Dhurba is from the rugged western part of Nepal and specifically, an area named Kailali. While growing up, he could not get enough of the outdoor lifestyle and activities. He developed an interest for climbing and never looked back. He is currently ranked as one of Nepal’s top rock climbers. He has stood atop many Himalayan peaks, often guiding the ascent, and wants to share adventures in his motherland with as many visitors as he can.

Ritu – Ritu is from the central region of Nepal (close to the area affected most by the April 25th 2015 earthquake). She has a tremendous breadth of knowledge of Nepal and the skills to prove it -- from rafting to climbing and everything in between. She especially enjoys meeting new people and guiding female travelers to the wonders of Nepal.

Man-Bahadur – Man is from central Nepal and has endless energy for exploring and climbing. While still new to it all, he surmounted all odds and scaled Everest on his own. He is currently involved in charting the hidden corners of western Nepal and knows and loves that area as well as anyone.

Durga – Durga is from central region of Nepal. His home village of Gatlaang was damaged heavily by the April and May 2015 earthquakes. He has been involved in recovery efforts and along with all of Nepal, he is ready for the tourists to come and experience one of the most fascinating and beautiful places on earth. 

Daniel – Daniel led his first tour in the Himalaya in 1998. He is originally from upstate New York and has since traveled a long, long way from home. Daniel is especially interested in discovering keys to healthly aging and general well-being and dabbles in stand-up comedy. Other interests include stage theater, teaching yoga and cultural studies. He always enjoys getting together with friends and sharing stories and experiences with one and all. Daniel has lived, worked and studied in Nepal, Japan, the Barbados and India where he studied for his yoga certificate and many places in between the coasts of the USA.

The guides, crew and whole team of Secrets of the Himalaya offer an insider’s perspective with seasoned skills and genuine passion for guiding travelers to the wonders of Nepal -- it's what we do and we love it. We have become familiar with the details, highlights and attractions of each area we visit along with traditional customs and lifestyles, geography, seasonal differences and other details and much more. We especially consider it our responsibility to share our business with the communities we travel to and through along the way to our featured destinations so that all may benefit from the Secrets of the Himlaya tours and your travels. The Secrets of the Himalaya team maintains the highest safety standards. We regularly ensure that our crew is up-to-date with quality training and preparedness. All of our staff is selected for experience and seasoned abilities in all phases of tourism, and we are prepared for any challenges that Nepal's environment might put to us. Secrets of the Himalaya specialists will ensure that your travels are safe and responsible as well as satisfying, enjoyable and memorable.

Staff receive training, insurance, and necessary gear as well as a pay rate above the industry standard amount.

Adventure in Nepal and the Himalaya is calling and the Secrets of the Himalaya team is here, ready to answer that call with you.

Join us for a Trek in Nepal's Himalayan Paradise ...your adventure in Nepal with the SOH team of Himalayan specialists awaits.

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