• Nepal monsoon

    Experiencing the Monsoon in Nepal

    Here's an informative story in Nepal's leading cultural magazine, ECS, about Nepal's All-Season Bounty with highlights of sightseeing and activities in the Himalayan monsoon season, too. Nepal's All-Season Bounty

  • Monsoon of Himalayan Mushroom Gravy in west Nepal's Highlands

    Monsoon of Himalayan Mushroom Gravy -- Yarsagumba Hunting

    Yarsagumba (cordyceps sinesis) hunting is a seasonal event in Nepal's western highlands. Please enjoy this story of this event on Nepal Traveller's website, Monsoon of Himalyan Mushroom Gravy ( And for more information about visiting the yarsagumba hunting grounds in western Nepal, then please preview the following Secrets of the Himalaya's journeys to the west of Nepal's highlands: Yarsagumba Trek - Cordyceps Nepal

  • Bakery Cafe Kathmandu

    Kathmandu's Iconic Bakery Cafe

    Kathmandu eatery update of the week from the Kathmandu Post: Going back in time at The Bakery Cafe

  • Dhurba Bista, Mountaineer, Nepal

    Rest in Peace Dhurba Bista brother

    Dedicated to Dhurba Bista who perished on Sagarmatha (Mount Everest) this season. He climbed with us in western Nepal on unheralded Sisne Peak. A valiant human with genuine friendliness and a dazzling smile and far too many talents to begin to list. He leaves behind a wife and one-year old child. The following is the story of that climb in western Nepal with DB--Rest Peacefully Bhaiya (brother): Into…

  • Yeti and UFOs in Nepal

    Here's a fascinating piece recently published in The Kathmandu Post: How the US kept tabs on UFO sightings and Yeti hunting in Nepal

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