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    Emerald and Golden Paddy Fields of Nepal's not Nirvana, it's Nepal...full of Himalayan treasures including emerald and golden paddied terraces and Himalayan foothills full of rice, barely, maize, wheat and chattering birdsong among other wonders. Contact a Himalayan specialist for more information at and preview SOH's BEST TREKS through the paddied terraces of the Himalayan foothills of Nepal and into the highlands and more HERE Join Secrets of the Himalaya in Nearer Vanna...keep on trekking, keep…

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    It's not Nirvana, it's Nepal -- Trek Nepal

    Keep on trekking in Nepal. Keep on enjoying the Nirvana of Nepal, Himalayan paradise--Himalayan Nirvana. Contact a Himalayan specialist at now for more information on a trekking adventure of a lifetime in Nepal's Nirvana. See you in Nearer Vanna (i.e., Nirvana), soon... ...for a trek through Nepal's paradise -- join Secrets of the Himalaya in Himalayan Nirvana  

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    Photographing Nepal's Paradise

    Taking good photographs in Nepal's cultural paradise and Nepal's natural paradise can be quite easy and enjoybable. There is plenty of picturesque material! No matter where a person travels in the paradise of Nepal, they can see and experience novel, eye-catching and even mind-blowing sights and experiences and capture many of them with a camera. If someone like SOH founder Alonzo Lyons can do it then anyone can--just click away and…

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    Trek the Land of Yak* Milk and Himalayan Honey

    Welcome to Nepal, welcome to the Land of Yak Milk (more prescisely nak* milk!) and Himalayan Honey -- the Nirvana of Nepal, the natural Nirvana of Himalayan Honey and Yak Milk... Make a trek through Nepal's paradise -- join the Himalayan specialists of Secrets of the Himalaya on a trekking experience of a lifetime in Himalayan Nirvana *a nak is a female yak...naks produce relatively little milk compared to cows; the chaumri is more commonly…

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    Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC Trek) of Nepal

    The Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC) is the ultimate destination in the Khumbu Region of Nepal and Everest Base Camp is the closest a trekker in Nepal can be to the highest peak on earth, Mount Everest, 8848 m (29,028 ft) located in Nepal's Khumbu Region on the border with the Tibetan Frontier. The trail to Everest Base Camp travels through the Sherpa homeland in Nepal with natural and cultural treasures at nearly every…

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