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    When the Trekkers are Ready...

    then Secrets of the Himalaya appears… Find out more about the Trekking Paradise of Nepal with SOH-- Motorcycle Tours of Nepal Specialty Treks of Nepal

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    When the Trekker is Ready...

    ...The Trail Appears Nepal, Himalayan Trekker's Paradise -- Best Treks of Nepal with Secrets of the Himalaya Related Post: Please see Zen and the Art of Trekking Nepal

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    Nepal and the Zen of Trekking

    Trekking Nepal--there’s really no art and no Zen to it, just show up and perhaps the art and Zen will be there, too, that is, if you want it to be there with you… It’s not Nirvana…it’s the natural paradise of Nepal and adventure is calling from the Himalaya -- join Secrets of the Himalaya on a tour of a lifetime in the Himalaya with dazzling lifelong memories and…

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    ENFIELD MOTORCYCLE TOUR OF NEPAL'S HIMALAYA Upcoming Dates: March 12th-22nd & March 26th thru April 5th It's not Nirvana, it's Nepal! Adventure awaits in Nepal with Secrets of the Himalaya on a Enfield motorbike specialized tour of the Himalaya...

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    Happy New Year 2018 -- Visit Nepal 2018

    Abundance, good health, joy, love and peace of mind are Secrets of the Himalaya's wishes to you as well as your family, friends and beyond to the whole dazzling world this coming 2018...and perhaps a visit to Nepal's outdoor paradise, too. Best Treks of Nepal Motorcycle Tours of Nepal Safari and Peaks of Nepal

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