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    Truffles in Nepal?

    Yes, truffles may soon be available in the Nepal because of the hard work of Prabesh Roka and Dr. Raj Tripathi are risking five years of hard work on truffle cultivation in Nepal. Truffles are edible subterranean fungi worth their weight in gold. They have set up experimental plots near Thabang village of Rolpa District. Thabang is a picturesque, remote settlement in western Nepal that experienced some of the heaviest fighting during the ten-year revolution (1996-2006). Beyond an…

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    Your First Himalayan Peak?

    Would you like to try your first 6000+ M (20,000+ ft) Himalayan peak? If you are inspired to tackle tantalizing Island Peak (Imja Tse) and more in Nepal’s Khumbu Region (and beyond) then please contact a Himalayan Specialist now at Typically, Island Peak (6,189 m / 20,305 ft) is the most popular as a first Himalayan Peak and can be summited with less than a week's addition to our Everest…

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    Buddha was Born in Lumbini, Nepal

    Buddha was born in Lumbini, a town in the southern plains of Nepal. It is a revered site and visited by both Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. A tour of the World Heritage Site of ancient Lumbini is a step back in time to a spiritually significant location-- where one of the most prominent religous figures in time was born. The following are two stories about the Buddha written by the Secrets of the Himalaya founder, Alonzo…

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    Dal Bhat and Dhirdo Power 24 Hours in Nepal

    For "24 hour power" in Nepal, savor a heaping taste of quintessential Nepali fare...the national dish of dal-bhat tarakari -- a heaping plate of rice with lentil soup and curried vegetables. Beyond dal bhat is a lesser know but equally delicious, Nepali dish, dhirdo. Dal bhat and dhirdo are serving up 24 Hour Power daily throught the land. These dishes are eaten daily in Nepal and are popular throughout the land from the…

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    Nomads in Nepal?

    The following Youtube video is a fascinating documentary by Kate Humble with the BBC about the forgotten Raute people of Nepal and their nomadic lifestyle in Nepal's rural areas: Living with Nomads in Nepal (1/3) (

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