Truffles in Nepal?

02 November Post by: SOH

Truffles in Nepal?

Truffles in Nepal?

Yes, truffles may soon be available in the Nepal because of the hard work of Prabesh Roka and Dr. Raj Tripathi are risking five years of hard work on truffle cultivation in Nepal. Truffles are edible subterranean fungi worth their weight in gold. They have set up experimental plots near Thabang village of Rolpa District. Thabang is a picturesque, remote settlement in western Nepal that experienced some of the heaviest fighting during the ten-year revolution (1996-2006). Beyond an attempt at high-end agriculture, there is little driving the subsistence economy in Thabang. Tourism is slowly picking up in the enchanting hamlet on the southern fringes of the Guerrilla Trek and Yarsagumba (Cordyceps) Trails. A few hardscrabble travelers trickle through now and again.

Please find more about their attempts at cultivating Himalayan truffles in Nepal in a feature story at the following link: HImalayan Truffles by SOH founder Alonzo Lyons, ECS Magazine, 15 January 2015 (

An excerpt from the above linked article: "The Himalayan gamble for truffles might pay off lavishly. Visionary innovation is deserving of a country with the world’s highest and most dazzling peaks…and the far-western roxy (moonshine) is unbeatable."

Cheers from the crew of Secrets of the Himalaya and Keep on Trekking in Nepal!

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