• Tibetan Healing in Nepal

    Tibetan Art of Healing (in Nepal)

    ...and beyond. "indiscriminate eating is like poisoning yourself” -Tibetan saying... Read the full piece on Tibetan medicine in Nepal by Secrets of the Himalaya founder Alonzo Lyons in ECS Nepal magazine: Sowa Rigpa, The Tibetan Art of Healing (

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    Otherwordly Jupiter -- Jaw-Dangling Nepal

    Jaw-dangling, otherworldly Jupiter cloud cover imagery -- Nepal has dazzling scenery, too... "High Above the Jovian Clouds: This image of colorful, turbulent clouds in Jupiter’s northern hemisphere was captured during my latest flyby of the planet" --follow this link for dazzling images of Jupiter's clouds --  Visit Nepal -- adventure awaits in Nepal's Himalaya Best Treks of Nepal, Motorcycle Tour of…

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    Human Health and Stem Cell Therapy

    Another fascinating development in human health. Please enjoy this interview of Neil Jordan, M.D. and Mel Gibson on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast about Stem Cell Therapy YouTube: The Joe Rogan Experience (Episode #1066 - Mel Gibson and Dr. Neil Jordan) iTunes: The Joe Rogan Experience (Episode #1066 - Mel Gibson and Dr. Neil Jordan)

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    Health Note From Nepal...

    Health Note from Nepal, Fasting for Three Days Can Regenerate Entire Immuse System study finds (article here in The Telegraph, Can fasting boost the immune system? Here's another health related article in ECS Nepal, by SOH founder Alonzo Lyons, about Sowa Rigpa, the Tibetan Art of Healing  “An open, peaceful mind is very beneficial and helps others.” –Tengboche Rinpoche

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    Keep on Smiling -- Keep on Trekking with SOH

    Keep on Smiling -- Keep on Trekking Nepal with Secrets of the Himalaya (SOH) Nepal, Trekkers Paradise Motorcycle Tours of Nepal Adventure awaits in Nepal's Himalaya

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