Annapurna Circuit is Still Worth Doing?

24 October Post by: SOH

Annapurna Circuit is Still Worth Doing?

Annapurna Circuit is Still Worth Doing?

The Annapurna Circuit is still good and the Annapurna Circuit is still very much worth doing even with vehicle road construction along the way. New trails have been outlined and Secrets of the Himalaya has the right routes, itinerary, guides and cost. The Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal also called the Apple Pie Circuit for the desert pie in abundance along certain sections of the Round Annapurna Trek and this journey will be a memorable trek of a lifetime in Nepal's ample paradise.

Please read more about the Round Annapurna Trek by Secrets of the Himalaya founder Alonzo Lyons in ECS, Nepal's leading culture magazine -- Rebirth of the Annapurna Circuit

Find out more about the SOH-Annapurna Circuit Trek ...still worth doing!

And the Annapurna Sancturary Trek, too

Additionally, would you consider a motorbike tour along the eastern half of the Annapurna Circuit?

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