Discovering Yeti in Nepal's Himalayan Paradise

26 October Post by: SOH

Discovering Yeti in Nepal's Himalayan Paradise

Discovering Yeti in Nepal's Himalayan Paradise

Secrets of the Himalaya founder Alonzo Lyons wrote the following story about discovering yeti in Nepal's Himalaya for the leading cultural magazine of Nepal, ECS--Cracking the Yeti Myth

This aritcle reveals the yeti folklore in Nepal and latest scientific discoveries regarding yeti.

Secrets of the Himalaya features two majestic journeys in snowy paradise that offer perhaps the best chance of discovering yeti for yourself in Nepal and perhaps snapping the world's first photograhic evidence of the shaggy critter residing in Nepal's Himalaya.

More information about journeys designed to follow yeti's giant footsteps in Nepal's Himalayan paradise can be found here:
Yeti Special Trekking and Biking the Annapurna Circuit of Nepal
Everest Three Passes Trek - Yeti's Special Trek

By the way, Gorkhali Raz Thapa, founder and managing director of Imagine Web Solutions in Kathmandu, Nepal, created the galumphin’ yeti character on Secrets ot the Himalaya logo.

Keep on trekking, keep on enjoying the outdoor paradise of Nepal. Many cheers for considering SOH for your travels in Nepal.

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