Shark-toothed Peaks of Nepal

20 December Post by: SOH

Shark-toothed Peaks of Nepal

The Himalayan specialists at Secrets of the Himalaya can reveal the secrets and treasures of the Nepal -- everything from lavish, lowland jungles with local wildlife in their natural habitat to lush-green and gold-hued hillsides covered in bountiful paddy fields and full of chatty birdsong to secluded, shark-toothed peaks spiking into the heavens and prowled by elusive snow leopards...and perhaps even occasional claims of yeti sightings somewhere in-between it all. (Please find more information about Nepal and its elusive mythical creature the yeti in the following article by Secrets of the Himalaya founder, Alonzo Lyons, from Nepal's leading cultural magazine, ECS NepalCracking the Yeti Myth)

Contact us now at [email protected] and preview some of SOH's treks, tours and adventures in Nepal including the shark-toothed peaks and possible yeti sightings.

Your adventure in Nepal awaits...are you ready, too? Keep on trekking, keep on enjoying the outdoor Nirvana of Nepal.


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